Divine Feminine and Goddess Workshops 2018


Spring Awakening –

Goddesses of the Land and Season Workshop

 Aslacton & Great Moulton Coronation Hall, Carr Lane, Great Moulton, Norfolk, NR15 2LA.

Saturday 10th February at 10am till 4.30pm

(hour break for lunch, bring food to share)

 Did you know there are many Goddesses? It is said that there is a Goddess inside of us all!  She is the great feminine that resides within us (this includes the chaps).  Goddesses embrace the archetype of the feminine, all of whom embrace a different facet of the complexities of the feminine.  However there are many who hold their domain in myth and legend who show their prowess often through defined actions of love, war, creativity, fertility, cunning and wisdom.  All of whom teach about the wondrous energy and cycle of the feminine from maiden to crone, from lover to witch.

Their stories, their essence speaks to our psyche and shows us the very energy that either resonates with us, or that we crave for. All of which potentially teaches us about ourselves, how to know and love ourselves at a deeper level and perhaps  even make peace with our inner feminine so we can celebrate our inner Goddess!

snowdropsThis is an invitation to start your year and spring with the very beautiful Goddess Brigid at this Goddesses of Land and Season Workshop, as this time we are connecting with Goddesses Brigid who can be described as the patroness of these Isles.  Early February is the time of the very first stirrings and awakenings of spring. It is a great time to look within to connect with the inner light, insight and become clear on what energy is rising within, what needs to be nurtured so the creative flow through spring and summer may be abundant.  By connecting and understanding the gesture of this time or year and these Goddesses you can use this time for great insight so you can emerge ready and energised for spring.  By connecting with the season and elements associated with it we can potentially access great wisdom and receive personal insight to support us by connecting with our own inner Goddess.

The day will include:

  • Understand the nature of the season and it’s messages
  • Understand the Goddesses of this Season of inward travel
  • Undertake a Shamanic Journey to find the messages and meanings for ourselves
  • Consolidating the experience and insights for going forwards.

Much has been written about the Greek, Roman and Egyptian goddesses, thankfully, Northern European folklore is rich with its own goddesses; many of whom are celebrated and associated with the seasons and seasonal festivities.  This makes a powerful combination between the Goddess expression and Mother Nature herself.  As we tap into this great wisdom and deep connection we stir within us our own connection to the cycles of nature and to our own cycles and understand where we are on this ever changing journey of life and allow our inner Goddess to speak to us.

In 2015, I had the great joy of meeting Nicola Clark, Professional Artist, who has developed 8 incredible oil paintings each depicting the 8 Celtic Goddesses associated with the 8 Fire and Solar Festivals  of the year marking the turning point of the seasons and year.  These paintings embrace these Goddesses, their seasonal expression and their message.  Nicola has kindly agreed to allow the paintings to be used as a central theme and inspiration for exploring each Goddess and her message.

Please book in advance – £60.  See booking form – Goddesses of the Land and SeasonImbolc18

Or email Pathwayfinder@mail.com .  Paypal is available additional cost of £62.

Details to follow soon for:

Summer Goddess


Summer LaunchGoddesses of the Land and Season – Saturday 28th April 2018 – to be held Denham, London.





First Harvest Goddesses of the Land and Season – Saturday 11th August 2018 – to be held Ruskin Mill, Nailsworth Gloucestershire.  Eventbrite Tickets August 2018





If you are interested in either of these later dates or venues, please message to secure your place.  Pathwayfinder@mail.com