Honesty and Grace go hand in hand

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThese are two, Honesty and Grace are very old and timeless friends and ones that we all grapple with at times.  For some they are total strangers, for some they are the best buddies they could ever wish for in their lives and for others a challenge or even sparing partners.  For all of us they can be the oil in the wheels or in their absence a whole in the heart.

In this age of science, and the need for law and order, often it is the truth that is sort and of course you cannot have truth without honesty.  Although, in the search for truth honesty is often over looked in the very pointed charge for truth or proof or the absolute.

While we often seek honesty from those around us and the world around us, it is sometimes even harder to find it within ourselves, often blinded to our own habits or unseeing of our own blind spots.  When t

candle flame

hese are revealed to us sometimes it can be quite painful or make us feel very vulnerable.  However, if we check them carefully and accept them, these can be some of the greatest growth moments in our lives.  There is of course one caveat; what is the truth to one person is only a part truth to another and we have to be honest about where the gap in the different perspective may be.

There is a beautiful old saying “Diplomacy is the better part of Valour”.  Question is when is diplomacy just a sop for hiding the truth or not being honest with someone and when is it really serving a truly altruistic and noble purpose which can be called valour?

Personally this is where I feel grace is a far better guide.  Grace walks with love, with light, with compassion and is a far more humble companion for honesty than any of the ones mentioned so far.  The search for truth can make us have tunnel vision.  Diplomacy can leave us open to basically never really facing things or understanding what is truly going on.  Perhaps even being more blindsided than we might already be.  Undertaking things for noble causes and valour leaves us open to simply being motivated to be proud, great and opens the doors to ego and pomp.


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAHonesty is always the best policy, but it can be at times painful and sharp.  It’s delivery, it’s reception needs the companion of Grace for all, to just ease in the light and enable the discoveries, making what is revealed digestible, meaningful, and hold the bright truth that can only sparkle with humbleness rather than becoming a sharp instrument to prove a point and to allow time for all to reshape themselves around this new bright potential of having clarity following the revelation of honesty.


Why have these to companions in your life?  They can require considerable work, they cherub2are not necessarily easy friends to have around.  Because, without them, you get lost in a fog, the world you build for yourself and others becomes dis-honest and often brutal causing further injury to oneself and others.  They are truly good friends to invite into your life and heart.


Winspiration Day – Global Movement – UK’S First

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Link to book tickets: winspirationday2017.eventbrite.co.uk 

All proceeds go to these great charities:

The Warrior Programme  www.warriorprogramme.org.uk
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Whose Dream is it anyway? What is your Dream?

Seeing the new Star Trek film coming out, celebrating 50 years of Star Trek reminded me of oldtechsifithose cyber space and sci-fi films of the 1960s – 1970s, used to watch as a kid.  Have to say I preferred their ingeniousness to some of the smash and battle of many of the other films that have emerged since.  They were all totally obsessed with gismos and technology and this was all just as our current digital age was frankly being born.  Growing up through the 1970’s and 80’s really we saw the birth of the digital age, where we moved from an age of mechanics and electronics into digital technology.  Computers became common place and now we don’t just grab our keys and wallet before leaving the house, it is also the mobile phone.  It too is now a key part of our functioning in the outside world, or feeling safe.

Looking back at these old films where technology and gismos were the dream of tomorrow,  it’s clear that in many ways we are now living that tomorrow, to a lesser or greater extent.  The interesting part is that in many ways this wasn’t the desire or the dream of many, yet it has now shaped many of our lives and how we live in our society on a daily basis.  Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing can be frankly debated for a very long time and that’s not really what this short article is about.  Like most things in life and certainly true of any tool or power, it just is, it’s what one does with it that matters.

oldtechOne thing it does demonstrate beautifully, is that everything we have starts with an idea, an intent, a point of inception.  Somethings then work and somethings don’t; as the techno graveyard of failed gismos are testament to.  Asking these questions opens up another angle, which is how much do we actually end up living a life that is actually founded on or shaped by someone else’s dream?  There are many people out there that don’t like or are fearful of technology, or have sensitivity to the electromagnetic smog.  We still don’t really know what the effect of all of this “stuff” actually has on us or the planet, yet we continue to jump to the shout of “PROGRESS” as we seem to progress further and further away from a people served society to self-serving techno machine society.  Is this really where we want to progress to?  Is this what you want?  Who dreamed up this type of society anyway?  It’s certainly convenient that many tasks and jobs are done by machines, as we constantly get told humans are open to making mistakes.  Well computers and technology are open to malfunctions, anomalies, hacking, etc, too.  Yet in modern society we are seemingly dragged further and further down the path of barcoding, swipe, pat, touch screen, auto phone through and on-line registration for issue resolution.  It’s like a techno bubble is being built between the customer or service user and the business or service provider.  Whether this is your dream of an ideal society or not – you’re in it (if you live in the industrialised part of the world).

Our lives are dreamed into being, right from when we are small, we have our dreams, or our parents hadreamscapeve dreams for us, or our communities have dreams about who we are or the roles we should take up.  In all of this as an individual it’s quite a job to work out for oneself what it is that you’re actually here to do and then how to go about it.  At this point, this is where your own dream comes into play.
Question is how much though is that dream already shaped by your own experiences and aspirations that have been fed to you since you were tiny?  Answer;  Probably quite a bit.  Is there any surprise then when people get disillusioned or frustrated or dulled by what they actually find themselves doing?  Perhaps part of this is not because of the individuals failings or the faults of society or that they weren’t given a break;  perhaps it’s simply because they are not really living their own dream but one that’s been carefully crafted and shaped for them that they can conveniently fit into.  Or not, as some find.

This is where meditation and plant consciousness and dream work is so beautiful, because it can enable an individual to peel back these layers and rediscover their own authentic self so that they can find where they fit, what their true passion is, what is their divine link and place in this lifetime.  To quote Mandy Hale;

“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong”.

Alongside continuing with journeying, meditation, and Reiki including Reiki drumming; this year I was introduced to Mugwort which is an ancient medicinal plant known for it’s cleansing, midwifery, protective and dream qualities.  It is a beautiful wild plant which is grounding, protective, clearing, re-aligning, aiding digestion, great for all sorts of “female” issue problems including PMS (NOT to be used during pregnancymugwort;  known use for birth inducing), as well helping sleep and dream states.  It also has a great quality, when invited, to help one see through falseness and illusion to reinstate honest and loving relationships with oneself and others.

So as we progress forwards with this digital age, perhaps it is worth stopping and turning
to the oldest and wisest of our teachers here on Earth – Nature herself, to seek out as an individual what our genuine dream and loving truth is.  Often we have to go deeper to find our own truth, and that requires us going deeper than what is on offer on the surface or what we have been told.  After all it would be a shame to be dragged into living a dream that wasn’t your own and was thereby just someone else’s illusion.

What the Fractal is that about?

Summer 2016! What the ‘Fractal’ is that about?

Ok so last Newsletter (May), I wrote about the incredible healing link between plants, land and music, following my own adventures into these subjects and wonderful travels in the Emerald Isle in May.

The plant theme continued for me through June with Mugwort and some beautiful Dreamwork and I had said I’d share some of this in the subsequent Newsletter.  However, sadly this process for me, got somewhat brutally interrupted by external events in the UK, hence I’ve decided to postpone writing about the wonders of Mugwort and the Dream work just for now.  As always there are always other themes that come to the fore and for me this has been one of Water and Fractals.  The link between this, mid-summer  and wellbeing might seem slightly strange but there is one, promise!

Firstly on Midsummer Day I had the great joy of undertaking a Solstice “Medicine Walk” with a dear friend in some local and ancient woods.  As some of you might remember it was a particularly wet Summer Solstice.

However, this did not stop us and the rain in the woods actually felt fresh, clean, nor were the woods water logged.  Far from it, their greens were vibrant and almost palpable in their celebration of the water as much as the Solar apex.  This felt totally in tune with the rather unusual Summer Solstice which combined the full solar apex with the full moon(this combination only occurs once in around 70 years or so).

The warmth and rains felt like a totally balanced mirror of this day celebrating in many ways the fullness of solar / male and the lunar / feminine aspects.  So at the height of this fast flowing, busy Monkey Year; the heat of the Summer Solstice was softened and balanced with the full moon and refreshing summer rain on that day.

Since Summer Solstice there has been a lot written about how this is another very transformative period and actually, unlike the last few years which seemed to be much more about internal changes, this one seems to be perhaps far more tangible changes ones which show up far more in the physical and in the open.

These times can be very healing, cathartic but also a little scary.  It’s easy to say don’t be fearful, but when things get rocked to the core on a personal level, this statement can sound quite frankly, crass.

Recently I was reminded, during a healing session oddly enough of Fractals.  For me these were simply beautiful patterns that appear in nature and then computer generated art  – they made great posters during my student days and the early days of the ‘Techno Dance’ movement.  (I’m sure some of you will remember these of the early 1990’s!) Beyond this personally, I hadn’t given them much if any thought since those heady days.

Given the recent themes of water patterning, song-lines, plant consciousness, my interest was spiked so I decided to have another little look at what actually are Fractals?

Well I have to confess clearly as I’m not a mathematic genius my explanation is likely to be rather ley,  however,  I turned up a few interesting facts about these curious wonders…….

A Fractal is:
“……a curve or geometrical figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. They are useful in modelling structures (such as snowflakes) in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, and in describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth and galaxy formation.”

A fractal is:
”….a never-ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop. Driven by recursion, fractals are images of dynamic systems – the pictures of Chaos. Geometrically, they exist in between our familiar dimensions. Fractal patterns are extremely familiar, since nature is full of fractals. For instance: trees, rivers, coastlines, mountains, clouds, seashells, hurricanes, etc. Abstract fractals – such as the Mandelbrot Set – can be generated by a computer calculating a simple equation over and over. “  fractalfoundation.org/resources/what-are-fractals/It is in many ways the mathematic mapping of shapes and natural or repetitive structures.  These repetitive structures are in many ways what gives stability and form to many physical and wave forms. www.fractal.org/Bewustzijns-Besturings-Model/Fractals-Useful-Beauty.htm

So what are they used for? 

Well since their discovery in 1975, it’s given birth to a whole new understanding of form, chaos, markets, science, design and even music.

Mandelbrot famously wrote: “Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line.”www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-11564766

So my question and reason for writing about it is – In this time of apparent ‘chaos’ or ‘transformation’, how can fractals help one now?     

Well they are being used in modern medicine and for the more etheric and easy access medicine of Fractals, here is a lovely summary and insight into their healing uses……… ………….www.fraktalneenergije.com/en/energy.html.

It is purely through their shape, vibration, colours and energy that they can have profound effect on a space, a person’s well-being and energy levels.  It is almost as thought, while describing the ‘chaos’ or ‘randomness’, they bring a rhythm and a sense of calm or order to it.  So no wonder, they made their presence known during a recent healing session.

Mindfulness – what is all this fuss about?

It’s been really interesting watching the explosion of Mindfulness over the last few years, I don’t know about Mindfulness it’s been almost mind dazzling!   it’s gone from the book on the self-help bookshelf and week-end workshop, to the workplace, the school, even into mainstream health care including the NHS and Parliament.

So what is it?  It is, according to a recent report by the BBC, defined as the following  –

The word “mindfulness” seems to be everywhere. Parliament has even started using it. But what is it?

To many people, mindfulness just means “the state or quality of being mindful”. That’s the first definition the Oxford English Dictionary lists.

But the second meaning of the word, taken from Buddhist philosophies, is proliferating rapidly. Search Amazon’s book section and you’ll see many titles about mindfulness and how to get it. A quick search of a database of British newspapers shows that in April 2004 it was mentioned just twice. In April this year, the figure was 150.

This other definition of mindfulness is “with reference to yoga philosophy and Buddhism: the meditative state of being both fully aware of the moment and of being self-conscious of and attentive to this awareness; a state of intense concentration on one’s own thought processes; self-awareness”.

A part of BBC News Magazine, Who, What, Why? aims to answer questions behind the headlines But the dictionary also notes that the term is “in weakened use”. It’s been diluted from its origins to now encompass all manner of meditation techniques, treatments for daily stress, even ways to lose weight. The word is everywhere. An all-party parliamentary group on mindfulness will be launched on 7 May, city workers are said to be adopting it and even theNHS offers information about how to practise it.”


candle flameI first came across Mindfulness in my teenage years through some simple Yoga introductory practice, but honestly didn’t know it as such back then.  I then came across it through some basic “Learn how to meditate” classes in the 1990’s when I was living in Cambridge and then explored it more deeply as part of my Shamanic Training, which to be fair was based a lot on the Toaist philosophies and traditions.  I have to say at this point just to be clear, I have always remained rather on the Spiritual as opposed to the Religious path.  For further clarity it is important to also note that Mindfulness as it is generally written about and taught in the west for use in the workplace, schools and health system is totally stripped of any religious biased and is totally about simply centring the mind and body to relieve stress and to become present in the moment.

More recently I’ve found myself giving short talks and exercises as part of evening workshops or groups.  For me it is the heart and the tip of the iceberg of meditation.  It is the place of being and learning to be present.  It is the place to let go, to stop, to ground, to be and to centre.  In our seemingly frenetic modern lifestyles it is becoming more and more essential to embrace this practice.

I was shown to me by life and frankly quite brutally, that when we are not centred, when we don’t stop, when we aren’t present or cannot just be, we cannot then do, discern, choose, stand firm or act.  It is one of these amazing dynamics of life that if we are not still at times then our movement becomes unbalanced.  It is in many ways our night to our day, our inner to our outer.

For some reason this stillness and this being and this inner work has been something that has if not actively then certainly steadily been discouraged from our western societies for a long-time.  Too much focus placed on the outer world and its appearances, our outward achievements and standing.  This imbalance in many ways has caused a lot of stress, destruction and misuse of resources and in some cases caused illness. So perhaps it’s not so surprising that now the balance has to be restored and this simple, not to be confused with easy, practice of Mindfulness is becoming so popular.

As with everything that becomes popular or a household term there are always those for whom it does not work or has caused difficulties, this is natural as we are all unique.  There have been accounts about how Mindfulness where it has been apparently detrimental or has actually caused people to become unstable in someway.  There have been reports were people have found they have begun to feel too zoned out, suffered panic attacks, depression or traumatic memories from their childhood return following a Mindfulness course or session.

Speaking from personal experience, it is true that these practices open us up to ourselves and sometimes the effects can be traumatic and life changing.  It is essential that if this happens, the process is held and what is coming up is embraced and understood rather than run from or shut down.  It is importantly to understand that it is not necessarily the meditation itself that is at fault but it is actually simply allowing space for what was already stored within us to surface.  If it hadn’t come out in this way, then it would surely come out in some other way in that person’s life.  In many ways by having these issues, whatever they are come to the surface in this way it is an opportunity for the person to fully face them and move beyond them.

None of us ever choose to be ill, or at least we don’t choose it consciously.  So when either illness comes or uncomfortable emotions are stirred we are unlikely to welcome them and we are even less likely to want to make time for them; or have to change our way of life for them.  However, if you ever find yourself as the “unfortunate few” where this does occur for you, here are some basic pointers you may find helpful;

  • Firstly ground – feel your body, feel your breath, be very present about where you are. Perhaps eat something nutritious, go for a walk in nature, even if this is just a pocket park or tree lined boulevard for the city dwellers among us.
  • If you are likely to feel spaced out when meditating, only do it for a short while a day. 10 mins a day rather than leaping into an intensive workshop or week-ender.  In many ways this is about you growing your internal muscles, just like going down to the gym, you don’t do a 10 miler on the first day!
  • Keep well hydrated. De-hydration can make us feel spaced out and when we are stressed we don’t always realise how de-hydrated we are.
  • Simplify your life. Start to live and think more simply.
  • If you wish to keep up a meditation practice, up your vitamin, mineral and nutrition intake, if you are taking in rubbish, when you stop and listen to yourself inside you are likely to find rubbish!
  • What-ever has surfaced needs facing and transmuting. Depending on what’s coming up for you, it might be time to get some counselling, and learn some techniques on how to face and transmute and let go of those bad feelings or memories.
  • You might find a physical meditation practice is better for you – tai chi, qigong, yoga or even simple activities like gardening, walking or cycling. Or a creative one; drawing, writing, or cooking.   Or if it’s anger or confidence issues try a martial art class, to focus and transmute the energy into a punch bag rather than into a person or your life!  You can be Mindful in how you do all or any of these activities.

Mindfulness is all about being present, centred and in the body.  If any of us is struggling with that, it is because there is something getting in the way, that something needs to be understood and then it can be let go of or addressed.  We can shift from habitual reacting to pro-active living. IMG_1834

“Breathing in I establish myself in the present moment.  Breathing out I know that this is a wonderful moment”.  Thich Nhat Hanh.

Thich Nhat Hanh, writes beautifully about the power of the present moment, for this is all we truly have at any one time, in his book “The Power of Now”.

Above all, be gentle and kind with yourself, but don’t run and hide.  Be honest and be courageous, this is about you getting to know you, to centre in being you and can help you let go of the internal “rubbish”, so you can be a clearer and brighter you!


“Everything in moderation!” so our grandmothers would tell us, is it still relevant today?

I was interested to find out more, about the rise in eczema and allergies at the February Neal’s Yard Organic Team Meet.  Did you know that there has been a 42% rise in Eczema between 2001 and 2005?  Did you know that by 2005 one in nine people were suffering from the condition?  The Eczema Society states “Atopic Eczema effects 15-20% of school children and 2 – 10% of adults its incidence has increased significantly in recent years.”

One of the singular reasons for this has been the increased use in chemicals.  Dr Ballie-Hamilton states “In the last 25 years, individuals are being exposed to unprecedented levels of synthetic chemicals, such as organochlorides, organophosphates, carbamates, toxic metals, solvents and plastics” in 2005 book “Stop the 21st Century Killing You.”

There are many ways that exposure can be reduced, such as drinking filter water, using eco friendly cleaning products, reducing the amount of chemicals used on and in our bodies though health, beauty products and in what we eat.

eczema-0Of course NYR Organic can help substantially with regards the health and beauty products and has some remarkable products to help with the more serious complaints such as Eczema, which not only can help eleviate the condition but also reduce the number of chemicals being introduced into the body through treatment, see info and link below.


The discussion got me once again reflecting that there is an apparent theme running through all areas of life at the moment, whether it’s health, work stress, land and resource requirements, food industry.  In the bid to have plenty we have headed down a track that constantly requires more chemicals, almost a battle with nature often resulting in increased drug or chemical use which in turn causes more problems in terms of environmental impact as well as on our own health and needs, producing results which are often actually counter productive in the long term.   It seems like a potentially ever decreasing circle.  Yet we are constantly bombarded in the media with how much we need stuff, or how we need to get the lastest, the fastest, biggest.  As a result not only is our relationship with our world based on supply and demand, it becomes a supply and demand based on wants as much as genuine need. Underlying it there is a genuine fear of scarcity, and a world where the 1980’s concept of the “Alpha Male” is calling the shots, addicted to competition and adrenaline, attempting to push the system along with everyone and everything in it to its max.  It really does feel like it’s time to disconnect from that ever decreasing cycle and return to something which takes a more respectful and more rounded view on things.

It is so far removed from the relationship our ancestors had with their environment.  Nothing brings this home more to me than the Native American story of the Antelope where Antelope teaches the people who are faced with cold climates and cannot rely on fruits and vegetables alone that they have to turn to meat for their food to survive, but also how to survive with grace and with nature.  Antelope teaches of practicality of using its meat for food as well as every part of the animal is to be used; the bones for needles and glue; the skin for clothes and coverings and most of all that its to spirit remain free on the plains.  The message of this animal was about appropriate action, quick decision and never letting things go to waste and never to use more than one needs.

drum-0This teaching story was particularly upper most in my consciousness as I made my Stag Drum in January with Heron Shamanic Drums www.herondrums.co.uk who ran the work shop and enabled the birthing.  Johnathan Weekes, gave us some of the history of where the stag and horse skins come from.  These particular hides came from Scotland, where they are the result of on going wildlife preservation in the highlands, but the animals are also sometimes culled; the meat often finds its way into the venison trade, yet the skins are still today, often left to rot, with no onward sale or market for them.  So it was fantastic to not only have the chance to make my own drum, in ceremony, but also be part of actually completing the use and life cycle of the materials from this noble animal.  There was a real sense of reconnecting once more with the eternal life cycle, through this powerful and creative process.

So yes we need things, yes the economics we have got ourselves into over the last 200 years plus are not just going change overnight and yes currently at times we need chemicals and drugs, however, perhaps our grandmothers had it right “everything in moderation” and as long as we aim for extremes and obscene profits and satisfying all wants – not even needs – we are more likely to experience imbalances in our bodies, societies and our environment.  There is a better way, and it is apparent our ancestors and nature can teach us a lot in that regard.

Christmas Time and Loved Ones.

A small share, for those who might be struggling to face the Celebrations this Christmas.

17 years ago on this day, Christmas Eve, my mother died.  She passed away in the early hours of Christmas Eve around 6 am after a short spell in hospital.  She had collapsed on the 19th December after suffering a massive brain haemorrhage and was never to regain consciousness.  It’s a long time ago now, but of course those kinds of days one never forgets.  I remember waking early to a strange dream of a baby being born, and at the same time hearing the telephone ringing which was the hospital notifying us that she had passed away.  That Christmas Eve it rained, it rained hard all day.  I went with my father to the hospital in the morning to get papers and personal effects.  I remember staring out of the hospital window into this seeming less endless grey and was glad that it was raining.  It was like the skies were doing the crying I was, at that point, unable to do.  It was such an odd sense relief.  We went straight to the registrars before they shut at lunch-time, as it was Christmas Eve, to register the death.  By co-incidence the registrar who tended us, she too had lost a parent at Christmas and as she looked into our stunned eyes she just said, “It’s not easy, it won’t be for some time, particularly as it’s happened at Christmas, but it will get easier.  Each year it’ll get easier. “……And of course she was and is completely right.

It was what some term a complex grieving process, as my mother, while a dedicated and loving mother and incredibly creative person, she was frankly a difficult woman.  Her sharp edges though, were there from various bashes she had received in her own life which she had sadly never been given the compassionate and supportive environment to enable her to fully process or make peace with them and sadly as a result she had grown bitter and defensive in many ways.  For a number of years at Christmas after her death, while there was this shadow and grief hanging over the season for us, there was also just a little bit of guilty relief one didn’t have this difficult relative, to have to cope with.  It also totally changed the shape of Christmas arrangements for our family, which in some ways was a relief and in others just went to further emphasise she was no longer there.  There were a number of years when the Christmas parties were just simply painful and just told myself to  simply suck it up and get on with it.  Often, just as many people do, I ended up drinking far too much, drinking to forget, drinking to party and have a good time, drinking out of social inclusion and all of it would often result in me simply feeling emptier, more foolish, and having to not only control my unheard emotions in public but control them while drunk; never a good combination and all in the face of this unrelenting forced jollity.  There were some years when I would have quite happily dumped Christmas, the tree, spangles, sparklers and all in the skip and left town for the hills but out of a sense of duty and care to those around me, I didn’t.  Looking back, knowing now what I know, that would probably have been the wisest thing I could have done, at least for a couple of them.  Taken to the hills, gone for walks, good food, long sleeps was really what my spirit and my body needed.

However, in all of this, one thing that always remained with me, was the soft magic of Christmas.  Like a single candle flame in a dark room, this season with all it’s traditions, fun, frollicks, falseness, religion and ceremony, it has one thing at it’s core – heartiness.  Heartiness in the face of the darkest time of the year, bleakest, the coldest.  When you strip it back to that bare root, then you can once more hear the yule log crackle, the mulled wine bubble and you can once again be grateful for the warmth of the family or friends that you may find yourself (willingly or unwillingly) sharing it with.  Even if you are on your own, it still opens the door to the fire side warmth and the capacity of humans to care for each other.  It also invites us to be still, warmed by the fire side and listen, really listen to ourselves.  Perhaps that’s actually the bit we are really scared of?  Just as well we have the fire, warm cuppa or tree for company.

Oddly enough the person who showed me the soft subtle magic of Christmas was my mother, who was German, and sorry folks, but the Germans just do, do Christmas rather well.  She always loved the magic of it and frankly the year she went it was a gift for her to be released that day and not to go on and suffer.

So whatever you are facing this year, this Christmas – trust it will be ok – eventually if not right now and may the warmth of the yule log help to ease that pain whatever it is and if you need to have time out – have some time out!

Christmas Angel Blessings be with you!