What are the 5 Elements or a 9 Star Ki reading and how can they aid health and wellbeing?

Chinese 5 Elements

The ancient Chinese system of the 5 Elements emerged over 4,000 years ago.  It is the system which underpins, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including herbal and acupuncture treatments.  It is the basis for Feng Shui and the balancing of environments. It is a seemingly simple system, yet it has a flexibility and dynamism which allows for complex diagnosis of imbalances and diverse ways of achieving balance for health, emotional states and physical balance.  It teaches about cycles, the inter-relationship of habits, diets, people and place, emotional states, even character traits all of which helps us to reach an over-all state of well-being.  One of its key strengths is that it has the potential to help identify where imbalances exist and how they might be corrected.

Using this ancient, simple and dynamic system can help you bring balance into your life, health and environment.  Contact Pathwayfinder@mail.com for a 9 Star Ki Reading, Personal Lifestyel Balance Assessment, or consultation on the energy within a space (home, work or leisure).

5 elements 9 Star Ki Readings

9 Star Ki readings falls within one of the ancient forms of Chinese Astrology, sometimes referred to as Flying Stars.  Based on your date of birth it provides insight into the Elements which were present at your birth and influence your character and how you interact with the world around you.  This reading can give you insight into behaviour patterns and tendencies, as well as understanding what diets, climates or environments are most supportive for you based on these elemental influences.  The insightful system enables one to make discerning decisions about how to lead a more balanced lifestyle. Each year the elements of the 9 Star Ki shift, hence sometimes known as Flying Stars, again how these fall each year and how they influence or interact with your own reading shifts, having some knowledge of these provides an insight into what actions are best taken, or not taken during a particular year or why things might be ready for the off, or if it would be auspicious for them to be paused for a little while.  Why work hard when you can work smart?  i.e. working with your energies and influences of the year rather than against them, must be a better choice.  These readings can give you insight into these influences and potentially enable one to make more discerning decisions.

Reading costs £20 or £23 by paypal – Includes a report and a 20 minute follow up call, if you want. Information required Name and Date of Birth.





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