Consultation Therapies.

Consultation Therapies 

Consultation Sessions can be carried out as a one to one or as a group or workshop.  The session is always tailored to address the needs of the person or place at the time.  Sometimes the solutions or the manner in which the work is done, can seem a little oblique, as often what seems to be the “problem” is actually just a symptom of some other underlying issue or imbalance.  Shamanic Techniques combined with the use of Chinese 5 Elements can be powerful combination to get to the root of issues, clearing away what is no longer serving or supporting someone in their life.

However, if someone feels they are simply in need of some gentle relaxation and healing then, Crystal and Reiki Treatment can be a powerful yet non-intrusive and very therapeutic.

An hour should be allowed for any of the therapies or one to one consultations, if a deeper Shamanic Consultation and Healing is required between 2 -3 hours should be allowed.  Follow-up sessions or a program of wellness is discussed and agreed according to personal need.  Again allowing things to be tailored to need as opposed to having a fixed schedule of consultations thereby avoiding the “one size fits all”.

Consultations can include recommendations and mixes of Bach Flower Remedies which complement any other therapies, as well as NYR Organic Health and Beauty Products for inside and out good physical health.

Taster sessions of 20 -30 minutes are offered at times at Fairs – see Workshop and Event Page for details.

For Group Work – a single workshop or a series of workshops can be tailored to the needs of a group, community or workplace to include, Meditation, Exploratory exercises, Journeying, to be useful for personal, team or creative exploration.

Sacred Ceremony –  at times of change, release or  celebration; or to bless a special place (e.g. New Home).  Sacred Ceremony can be as simple or complicated as one feels is necessary.  Ceremony has been an important expression for man since the dawn of civilization and when undertaken with focus, intension and compassion can be incredibly cathartic.

Basic Charge: for 1:1 Shamanic Reiki Healing is £40 1hr, £60 2hrs, £80 3hrs.  A 30% charge will be made for cancellations given less than 24 hours in advance.  To book just email or call 020 8133 4872

For group work, couples work or Sacred Ceremony the charge needs to be assessed on an individual basis and is agreed beforehand.

Supplying and enjoying NYR Organic so feel free to browse and order, great offers  on

Feel free to drop us a line on anything organic, holistic or shamanic.

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