Solstice Reflection

Solstice Reflection

All has fallen from the trees,

Returning to deep Mother,

Dissipating to nothingness, yet from mulch to mould,

is the compost for new life.

Too early for any stirings,

Too late for any fruits,

Into the deep slumbers,

All must dive to receive,

nutrients and restoration as deep as the soul.


Into the Unknown

New year, new challenges ahead and the one consistency being change, with the chances of major adventures, one day in the depths of winter I found myself pondering the unknown.

Stepping into KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAthe unknown, when did you last do this?  Why did you do it?  How did it feel?  Are you pleased that you took that step?

The unknown is often something that we instinctively fear or sometimes it’s exactly what we have been seeking or trying to escape into and simply find it exciting and like coming alive.

Our relationship with the unknown will very much depend on what we’ve been lead to believe about it in our childhood.  Either encouraged to be adventurous or more likely warned against it and to stay with what we know or at the very least prepare well for it.  Funny part is how do you prepare for the unknown?

Truth is for the most part in our lives, and certainly these days in this age of information, most of the time, even if something is unknown to us, it probably has already been done by someone else and there is at least whole bunch of information and someone else’s experience.

Of course what none of this helps with is how we, us as an individual, are going to cope with this step into the unknown.  It is our step, not the person whose exploits we’ve read about on the internet or in a recommended book.  So what do we take with us into the unknown…. Some information, some basic knowledge often received second or third hand and of course all our abilities, strategies for coping and assimilating whatever comes our way.

Oddly enough this can mean that even if we are stepping into something new, something unknown, the out-come is the same or the experience has similarities for us about something else that we experience before.  Our reactions either learned, habitual or carefully honed will come into play.  So how much and how fast does the unknown suddenly become the all too well known once again.  The same patterns playing out, the same issues rearing their head.

In many ways the unknown becomes the opportunity to do things differently, to be forced into a different set of behaviours or action patterns that so far have not been explored.  Funnily enough for most of the time in life all we are doing is one known for an apparent unknown, which actually have very similar qualities to what we already have known.  No wonder people find themselves doing more and more extraordinary things  to break out beyond the known or to break behaviour patterns in their lives.

If adventures into the unknown truly scare you, but you need to change patterns in your dreamscapelife, then look at what is driving those patterns and just like a sculpture, carefully and gentle chisel away at those driving forces so the unhelpful patterns can flow in a different way through your life.

If the unknown is totally appealing yet no matter what you do, you find that soon it becomes dull and dreary and just more of the apparent same, then start to look with new eyes on everything.  Start to look for the depths in yourself and others and in the tiny simply minute of each day, there will be magic already there for you, without making a huge leap and the unknown within the known will start to sing out and each day can be an adventure.


New Beginnings …. 2019….

Many found 2018 very challenging and as the year drew to an end there seemed to be a lot of voices adding to the chorus; “thank goodness that year is over”.  Personally and thankfully the year had been, while in places challenging, full of growth, new adventures and as a result some great memories.  In the summer, I seemed to have a number of things finally come to conclusion or fruition that I had been waiting for, for a longtime.  This I have to say brought a sense of great relief in many ways.

However, by the Autumn and with the change of season, suddenly this shifted gear and I found many things either becoming very clear or ending or simply no longer working.  The Autumn, as those who follow the seasonal gestures know, is always about the harvest, and has much to do with the death cycle.  This can seem very depressing to many, even scarey.  Of course it does not always come sugar coated, the one profound thing that is always necessary though, through such a cycle is to remember that it is a clear out and it does mean there will be space for something new, providing as individuals we can come through the change, or clear out safely.  This of course does not mean necessarily unchanged.  2018 Was also a fire year within the 9 Star Ki Astrology, fire years while warming and joyous can also mean a lot of transforming energy or influences.

Personally I am always very grateful for the Winter Solstice and make as much as possible of using the dark nights to stay warm and rest up and even dream a little.

Of course now we find ourselves in the New Year.  Yippee we all cry – Happy New Year!!  …and of course it is the chance of a fresh start, or a renewing of commitments or a shift in gear.  Funny part is, it is still middle of winter and we all creek a bit in the dark and cold.  Again I turn to the seasonal gestures and associated elements….. in every beginning, there is a waiting, a planting, a dreaming, a renewal.  This allows for the stretch, the yawn, the warm up, the meditation, the freshening and preparation for the doing.


So along with a Happy New Year …. I wish you a gentle easing into this new year of 2019.  It might also at this point be worth mentioning in the 9 Star Ki astrology in February we will be welcoming in the energy of an 8 Mountain year.  So definitely worth preparing a bit before rushing up that one!

March comes in with an Artic Lion’s Roar!

snowlionPinch punch first of the month!  With this March in the UK coming in with an Artic Lion no less, BRRR!  With this ‘Beast of the East’ it feels appropriate to take another look at the 9 start ki  elemental energies for this year.  Last month we welcomed in the year of the Earth Dog in the Chinese oracle, I also mentioned the Fire year of the 9 Start Ki or Flying Stars.    See table below.  For those of you who are not familiar with this system, every year the elements take a tour around the Bagua, this year they are in this formation.  The Bagua is orientated with the cardinal directions, so water is in the North and Fire in the South.  This means the mountain energy is in the North East and for this year the element of wood is orientated in this area, or Thunder, as shown in the table.  So what do you get when there is Thunder in the Mountains?  Storms, wind and most of all change.  The control element for this March is 4 Wood or also known as Wind and as you can see from the table, again we have a mountain influence in Wood Wind this year.  We certainly are welcoming  this month and the spring in with the cold mountain winds of the North East with spectacular stormy, wintery and windy conditions too.

4 – Wood Wind

Colour Green




9- Fire

Direction South

4 – WOOD

2 – Earth

6 – METAL 

3 – Thunder – Direction East






5- Tai Chi

9 – FIRE

7– Marsh

Direction West



8 – Mountain







1 – Water

Direction North


6 – Metal




So what is this telling us about the elemental influences of this year and this spring? 

These elements speak of change, the wind has a long association with spirit and listening to spirit, while mountain brings the stillness, the clarity of enlightenment and the challenge.  Mountain and Thunder in the IChing provide the hexigrams of ‘A Little Excess’ and ‘The Jaws’.  The message of these two are about finding the middle road and adopting the classic moto of ‘less is more’; while ‘The Jaws’  are open waiting to be filled which brings the danger of being devoured as well as the need for nourishment. The key here is about good nourishment which also takes effort rather than greedy guzzling or expecting things just to come to one without proper approach.

Question is, as this Fire year is being announced so clearly by this Artic Lion of March, what does it suggest about the quality of the Fire for the year ahead?

This suggests, the need to listen well to spirit, your own and divine. Changes are both needed and are coming, but when making them do not do them to excess, take the ‘middle road’ to ensure steady and sustainable change and when it comes to consuming, ensure it is what is needed, that it is nourishing and not greedily devoured, otherwise you may just find yourself in the jaws of something much larger.  Fire energy is warming, joyous but can also be destructive and erratic.  So just as the Thunder on the Mountain, while there may be times for a lot of noise, joyous or otherwise, watch out if it becomes excessive.  Always return to connect with the cool and enlightened centre of fire, which is in that deep centre of all of us, if we stop, breath and listen, which of course is the lessons of Wind and Mountain, we may avert disaster.

To help ride the waves of the seasons, I am building a seasonal selection of meditation available on line, Equinox to Follow soon, here is link to the Spring Stirrings Meditation.

…and for those who wonder if there is such a thing as an Artic Lion there once was link to Artic Lion

Honesty and Grace go hand in hand

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThese are two, Honesty and Grace are very old and timeless friends and ones that we all grapple with at times.  For some they are total strangers, for some they are the best buddies they could ever wish for in their lives and for others a challenge or even sparing partners.  For all of us they can be the oil in the wheels or in their absence a whole in the heart.

In this age of science, and the need for law and order, often it is the truth that is sort and of course you cannot have truth without honesty.  Although, in the search for truth honesty is often over looked in the very pointed charge for truth or proof or the absolute.

While we often seek honesty from those around us and the world around us, it is sometimes even harder to find it within ourselves, often blinded to our own habits or unseeing of our own blind spots.  When t

candle flame

hese are revealed to us sometimes it can be quite painful or make us feel very vulnerable.  However, if we check them carefully and accept them, these can be some of the greatest growth moments in our lives.  There is of course one caveat; what is the truth to one person is only a part truth to another and we have to be honest about where the gap in the different perspective may be.

There is a beautiful old saying “Diplomacy is the better part of Valour”.  Question is when is diplomacy just a sop for hiding the truth or not being honest with someone and when is it really serving a truly altruistic and noble purpose which can be called valour?

Personally this is where I feel grace is a far better guide.  Grace walks with love, with light, with compassion and is a far more humble companion for honesty than any of the ones mentioned so far.  The search for truth can make us have tunnel vision.  Diplomacy can leave us open to basically never really facing things or understanding what is truly going on.  Perhaps even being more blindsided than we might already be.  Undertaking things for noble causes and valour leaves us open to simply being motivated to be proud, great and opens the doors to ego and pomp.


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAHonesty is always the best policy, but it can be at times painful and sharp.  It’s delivery, it’s reception needs the companion of Grace for all, to just ease in the light and enable the discoveries, making what is revealed digestible, meaningful, and hold the bright truth that can only sparkle with humbleness rather than becoming a sharp instrument to prove a point and to allow time for all to reshape themselves around this new bright potential of having clarity following the revelation of honesty.


Why have these to companions in your life?  They can require considerable work, they cherub2are not necessarily easy friends to have around.  Because, without them, you get lost in a fog, the world you build for yourself and others becomes dis-honest and often brutal causing further injury to oneself and others.  They are truly good friends to invite into your life and heart.

Join the Transformation Movement….

tranformationtvLast year I took the plunge and signed up to the Transformation Summit Programme, it start out about writing a book and developing an online Webinar Programme.  It gave me the forum and format to help focus lots of ideas into one digestible book and programme.  The result is that not only have all this have been delivered and are available see links below but much more.  I now have lots more that I want to develop and now have some great experience on how to do it.  What I was not expecting was that they shifted it from being just an online and book format to also launching a live TV programme as well as developing a community around the product.  So take a look at these links and see what calls to you.

To Stop Chasing Time, Have Quality Time webinar

Winspiration Day – Global Movement – UK’S First

Final Final JPEG - Winspiration Day 7th May (1)

Link to book tickets: 

All proceeds go to these great charities:

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Manifesting, Procreation, Competition and Co-creation

chinese-coinsRecently I’ve found myself thinking a lot about the dynamic of Co-Creation.  We are, after all at that incredible time of year Imbolc, stirrings and spring, fertility.  Everything is beginning to stir and that energy to move forward and manifest one’s dreams, goals or passions is once again rising.  Ever since shifting out of the corporate career world and finding myself developing a spiritual / healing practice, it has been a constant learning curve of how to develop my own skills, follow a more spiritual way of life, while still meeting the material needs of a physical life.

I have found myself having to look closer and closer at the dynamic of what is often termed a “Spiritual Business”.  The two terms for many, including myself, hold that diametrically opposed charge.  After all being Spiritual broadly means coming from a place of love, giving and altruism; guided by some form higher vibration, consciousness, presence or heart centre;  while business means just making money.  Whatever you do, however, you do it – you make money.  This requires goals, drive, marketing, selling and some kind of persuasion to purchase.   Here comes the rub, if you are operating from a truly altruistic place, guided by spirit alone you cannot be driven by predetermined goals or inappropriately persuading people to purchase something that they either do not need or is inappropriate for them just to meet a sales target.

makingFunnily enough this is only a “rub” if you are operating from a place where there is some level of ok-ness about being unethical because it’s just business.  Which is probably something we have got so used to in our daily lives, we now assume this is part of business. It does not have to be and frankly if you are operating an ethical business, marketing is much more about communicating well what you are offering in terms of your products or services.  You sell to those who actually will benefit from your products or services and seek to source from ethical suppliers.  All business have their plans, goals and targets, however, if a market is under producing you look into why, not force them to simply work harder.  An honest look into it, may reveal important information about where the business actually needs to be going, either new areas to be developed or old ones that have run their course and need to be dropped for a while.  This means that rather than going down the route of hard sell, squeeze out the competitor, you are rather widening the offering to the consumer.

When we are working from a place of spiritual guidance or altruism there is always the intension to provide the best regardless of profit.  Often if you are listening to this, although sometimes what happens moment to moment might seem to make “poor business sense” it is actually providing the “best customer service possible”.  It is coming from a place of really listening to what the “customer is seeking” and being totally honest whether they are going to find it with you or not.  This guidance and decision is made from a place that is free from the constraints of goals and profits and to be truly spiritual must remain so.

The beauty is that when something is done from a place of joy and love and with expert insight, the product or service is then unique, high quality and ever evolving.  This energy charge obeys or rather echos the principles of laws of attraction and positive creativity.  It does though mean working with a certain light of foot and hand, while being always true to high level of intent and integrity not completely tied by formular or routine.  Plus what it actually does; rather than business making things “un-spiritual”, it potentially challenges business to operate more ethically.

So where does competition fit into all of this?  In life we all go through certain training and while we come out with our own take on it, there is still a point where we overlap or work in the same industry or offer similar services or products as another.  So often we are taught to compete, to be better than another or take the competition out.  In other words engage in a very aggressive approach.  This approach has lead to so much damage and under valuing of natural resources and of human lives all in the name of productivity and market share.  What if actually this was not what competition was about?  What if it was actually about a much more subtle form of betterment and creativity?

Geoff Mulgan writes about it in his book “The Locust and the Bee”, where he explores the different dynamics of Capitalism, how it has the potential to create a free creative market rather than an aggressive consuming monster.  This also came out during a one day workshop I recently attended about running a Spiritual Business.  What’s become clear to me is that it is a choice we all have to face within ourselves as creatives, consumers, and business owners or even employees, do we work from a place of co-creation or aggressive competition?

Co-creation takes certain qualities which often makes us feel vulnerable – we have to be, to a certain extent open and honest and from this there is immediately the requirement of a certain level of trust and faith with those that we are working with.  It also often leaves us open to criticism, ridicule, and exposure of the very areas we are “not very good at”.  Thing is it’s also a very brave place to operate from.  The areas “we are not very good at” otherwise lurk in the dark corners, almost haunting us, forcing us to act from a place fear and defense.  Surely that is just as painful as risking a certain level of trust and faith in another.  Another we can choose whether we open up to or not.  Don’t forget those who betray us, it is not about us being naïve, it is rather about their own inability to be trusted that is exposed.

The definition of Co-creation is “a management initiative, or form of economic strategy, that brings different parties together (for instance, a company and a group of customers), in order to jointly produce a mutually valued outcome.[1]

Co-created value arises in the form of personalized, unique experiences for the customer (value-in-use) and ongoing revenue, learning and enhanced market performance drivers for the firm (loyalty, relationships, customer word of mouth). Value is co-created with customers if and when a customer is able to personalize his or her experience using a firm’s product-service proposition – in the lifetime of its use – to a level that is best suited to get his or her job(s) or tasks done and which allows the firm to derive greater value from its product-service investment in the form of new knowledge, higher revenues/profitability and/or superior brand value/loyalty.[2]”  Wikipedia.

co-creatingJust imagine for one moment a world where business operates from a place of integrity, good intention and co-creation?  Wow!  The Ego-Macho pasturing of the likes of the ‘Trumps’ of this world would be given little space, as they rely on setting one off against the other and therefore would find no place at a table where genuine Sustainable Co-creation was manifesting.


What the Fractal is that about?

Summer 2016! What the ‘Fractal’ is that about?

Ok so last Newsletter (May), I wrote about the incredible healing link between plants, land and music, following my own adventures into these subjects and wonderful travels in the Emerald Isle in May.

The plant theme continued for me through June with Mugwort and some beautiful Dreamwork and I had said I’d share some of this in the subsequent Newsletter.  However, sadly this process for me, got somewhat brutally interrupted by external events in the UK, hence I’ve decided to postpone writing about the wonders of Mugwort and the Dream work just for now.  As always there are always other themes that come to the fore and for me this has been one of Water and Fractals.  The link between this, mid-summer  and wellbeing might seem slightly strange but there is one, promise!

Firstly on Midsummer Day I had the great joy of undertaking a Solstice “Medicine Walk” with a dear friend in some local and ancient woods.  As some of you might remember it was a particularly wet Summer Solstice.

However, this did not stop us and the rain in the woods actually felt fresh, clean, nor were the woods water logged.  Far from it, their greens were vibrant and almost palpable in their celebration of the water as much as the Solar apex.  This felt totally in tune with the rather unusual Summer Solstice which combined the full solar apex with the full moon(this combination only occurs once in around 70 years or so).

The warmth and rains felt like a totally balanced mirror of this day celebrating in many ways the fullness of solar / male and the lunar / feminine aspects.  So at the height of this fast flowing, busy Monkey Year; the heat of the Summer Solstice was softened and balanced with the full moon and refreshing summer rain on that day.

Since Summer Solstice there has been a lot written about how this is another very transformative period and actually, unlike the last few years which seemed to be much more about internal changes, this one seems to be perhaps far more tangible changes ones which show up far more in the physical and in the open.

These times can be very healing, cathartic but also a little scary.  It’s easy to say don’t be fearful, but when things get rocked to the core on a personal level, this statement can sound quite frankly, crass.

Recently I was reminded, during a healing session oddly enough of Fractals.  For me these were simply beautiful patterns that appear in nature and then computer generated art  – they made great posters during my student days and the early days of the ‘Techno Dance’ movement.  (I’m sure some of you will remember these of the early 1990’s!) Beyond this personally, I hadn’t given them much if any thought since those heady days.

Given the recent themes of water patterning, song-lines, plant consciousness, my interest was spiked so I decided to have another little look at what actually are Fractals?

Well I have to confess clearly as I’m not a mathematic genius my explanation is likely to be rather ley,  however,  I turned up a few interesting facts about these curious wonders…….

A Fractal is:
“……a curve or geometrical figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. They are useful in modelling structures (such as snowflakes) in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, and in describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth and galaxy formation.”

A fractal is:
”….a never-ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop. Driven by recursion, fractals are images of dynamic systems – the pictures of Chaos. Geometrically, they exist in between our familiar dimensions. Fractal patterns are extremely familiar, since nature is full of fractals. For instance: trees, rivers, coastlines, mountains, clouds, seashells, hurricanes, etc. Abstract fractals – such as the Mandelbrot Set – can be generated by a computer calculating a simple equation over and over. “ is in many ways the mathematic mapping of shapes and natural or repetitive structures.  These repetitive structures are in many ways what gives stability and form to many physical and wave forms.

So what are they used for? 

Well since their discovery in 1975, it’s given birth to a whole new understanding of form, chaos, markets, science, design and even music.

Mandelbrot famously wrote: “Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line.”

So my question and reason for writing about it is – In this time of apparent ‘chaos’ or ‘transformation’, how can fractals help one now?     

Well they are being used in modern medicine and for the more etheric and easy access medicine of Fractals, here is a lovely summary and insight into their healing uses……… …………

It is purely through their shape, vibration, colours and energy that they can have profound effect on a space, a person’s well-being and energy levels.  It is almost as thought, while describing the ‘chaos’ or ‘randomness’, they bring a rhythm and a sense of calm or order to it.  So no wonder, they made their presence known during a recent healing session.

Oh Giraffe you Gentle Giant!

Yesterday was Earth Day in recognition of this and after the pictures that had recently been circulating on Facebook of people who had been on safari and were proudly lying next to the Giraffe they had slaughtered for “sport”, I was guided to do a Journey with Giraffe.

giraffesGiraffe actually appeared to me one night, a few weeks ago.   Their energy or medicine is one of trust and faith or long sightedness, and it was just the message and encouragement I needed that day.  So on Earth Day it was my turn to spend a bit of time with Giraffe and hear what he had to say.  For those that have journeyed with Power Animals, some of the things I was shown may not be at all surprising, however, as you will no doubt appreciate their warmth and love can be at times immeasurable.  For those that have not Journeyed, if you are warmed by what you read, perhaps it is time you considered such medicine for yourself.

So I journeyed to the lower world and Giraffe welcomed me there, so bright, so full of light, grace and poise.  I enquired  how his fellow Giraffe’s were fairing, the ones which had been slaughtered, some healing had already been given to them and they were fine, they were with spirit and all was well.  The forgiveness and love of this mighty animal washed over and through me.  The message was that it was the people who were in more need of help and healing in this instance.  Such is the world of the spirit animal who while in the physical may well be on the endangered list, knows his spirit to be true and bright.

He showed me with his long neck how they listen to the wind and the rain, to follow where the best feeding is.  To track the movements of nature to still receive their needs.  They are very choosey about what they eat and where, always following what nature is showing to them.   This morning, I read that Giraffes actually help simulate plant growth, never taking more than then need and they actually adapt their eating habits and in so doing do not cause harm to the existing species.

My intension on journeying to see Giraffe had been about what healing might be needed following the slaughter his kind had incurred.  The Giraffe I journey with has a great sense of humour and reminded me of this.  He reminded me of the need to lighten our way through life and with joy usually the way opens up or will certainly soften.  So as a result instead of offering solace and compassion as perhaps might be expected, I was invited instead to simply celebrate life with this mighty majestic animal.  So I dressed him in flowers and garlands and we had a life affirming dance.

giraffe faceBefore departing I asked once more if I could do anything for Giraffe, the answer was  simple; “ keep your humour, continue to celebrate life, respect it and learn to live WITH nature!”

Are you Joining the Party or Procrastinating?

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA As summer is upon us and after what has felt like a very steep and fast run through the spring and into the early summer, I am well ready for the natural flow, of sitting and observing the harvest ripen off as the full crescendo of summer softens. Summer holidays are of course a great opportunity to do just this.

Personally for me it will be time to take a moment to pause within and reconnect with what is going to take me forward and through the Autumn and Winter. To release anything that has not worked out so well, or to change my approach to some things, so that energy can flow more easily for me. This is with the intention that through the dark winter months there is a continued sense of nurturing, building energy to facilitate whatever needs to be done or spring forth year.


Of course for others summer is the time to really get out there and be seen and be heard, to join in the “Summer Party”! That’s great if you want to be there, but what if there is something holding you back from joining “the Summer Party”?

Recently just as I was pondering this dynamic of summer, I noticed tiny apples on our lawn (basically our neighbours had, had some necessary work done in their garden, but it had resulted in shaking some of the apples off a very large old apple tree, too soon in the growing season). Interestingly, this coincided with some conversations I had recently been having with a number of people around the subject of recognising when we are procrastinating and if we should just push on forwards. What these tiny apples got me to think about was that perhaps there is another dynamic to this subject which gets over looked in our “ever forward pushing” world and that is; what if, sometimes “The Apple” is simply not fully formed yet?KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Generally we currently seem to live in a competitive society, where bigger, faster, newer, flashier, louder gets the market, gets sold, gets the dosh, gets the kudos. Therefore we are pushed in our various ways to do just that – to deliver! To achieve. To succeed. Over the last few months I’ve found myself at a number of events or gatherings where the topic of procrastination was discussed. Apparently it’s not just about addressing our fears of doing something but it is also about us over coming our tendencies to procrastination. True – we do have to face our fears, and let them go, that’s called personal growth and procrastination can be another very subtle way of concealing our underlying fears.

Or, perhaps, what these tiny apples seemed to be getting me to question is; is procrastination actually a way or process in which we are actually facing our fears, so as to come to terms with them and finally release them. What if procrastination is actually, for many, the time “The Apple” needs on the branch to grow?

The definition of procrastinate is “to postpone action, to be dilatory”. Dilatory is “slow in doing something, not prompt. Designed to cause delay.”

So if you find you are deemed to be “procrastinating”; of course the obvious question to ask is “Why?”. “Why am I delaying a, b, or c?”. Treat the answers with kindness and compassion and watch them melt away, until you are left with the ones that are justified to still stand in the way. If they are there for sound and good reasons, don’t give up, just listen to the lessons within the answers. Be assured this is simply about letting your “Apple” grow on the branch. As, with some understanding, in time these too will melt away. After all if fruit are shaken or are picked too soon, you’ll never get to enjoy the full fruitiness of the fruit, be assured it will let you know when it is ready. If you doubt this, just remember our friend, Sir Isaac Newton.