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    I contacted Tanya because my partner and I wanted to get married – but not in a traditional ceremony. We found each other later in life and our past decisions and commitments make it hard for us to be together all of the time, for practical and logistical reasons. We have known since we met that we are spiritually connected and as we are going through a challenging time we wanted to recognise and celebrate our love for each other and declare our commitment to be with each other for life and beyond.

    Tanya worked closely with us the weeks before the ceremony to understand our individual journeys, our intentions and our values, beliefs and characters. Although we are not Shaman, Tanya’s approach to life resonated strongly with our own beliefs and we found her to be inclusive and compassionate. Tanya created for us a sacred ceremony, based around the elements, nature and our personal journeys and intentions. She worked with us on the structure, wording, practices / rituals, logistics, symbolism, and music from the overarching principles of the ceremony to the finest details, without being intrusive but listening to and respecting us.

    The day (three weeks ago) was beautiful. We were able to take our time and include everything which was special and personal to us, to speak freely and naturally, and make an honest and meaningful promise to one another.

    Tanya’s fee was very reasonable, considering all the time and work she put into writing a completely bespoke ceremony, all of the preparations, travel, equipment and preparation, the energy of carrying out the actual ceremony and extras such as providing ribbons, certificates and photos. We very much enjoyed working with Tanya and felt really comfortable with her (we are both very private people and the wedding was our most intimate and joyous day).

    I would recommend Tanya to anyone who truly loves each other and wants a personal, natural, beautiful wedding which will be truly blessed.

  2. Volunteering at Barnet Carers:

    Tanya Adams being volunteering at Barnet Carers Centre as a Therapist for the last five years, her dedication is hugely valued by the family carers and the staffs. She has an amazing personality, very bubbly, kind, caring, approachable and most over she is an excellent therapist. There are huge complements and feedback that are received from our carers who are immensely benefited from her Reiki, Crystal healing and Head & Neck massage in her pampering sessions.

    In my personal view, Tanya is considering, pleasant and reliable person. I would really recommend Tanya to anyone as I would say simply “she is beautiful inside & out”

  3. ‘In the time I’ve worked with Tanya, it has become very clear that she is a grounded and compassionate practitioner (it’s hard to find both of these qualities in a healer!) who offers a safe space, which she holds with wisdom, kindness and strength. She is insightful, and uses this sharp insight to clear and heal whatever comes forward. Her knowledge is vast, and combined with her wisdom this makes for a wonderful spiritual space in which to journey, share and clear. I highly recommend Tanya’s services.’ A.A. of London

  4. I have had several healing sessions with Tanya over a period of a few years and I have to say each one has been a deeply profound and healing experience. Without this beautiful, kind and wise lady I would not have been able to piece myself back together in the gentle yet strengthening way she works. Incredibly trustworthy, I was able to confide honestly in Tanya and never once have doubted her integrity, her insight is incredibly accurate. An absolute blessing in my life to have found this lady, I highly recommend her.

  5. Tanya has been volunteering with Barnet Carers Centre for approximately 5 years; although she is now moving forward and no longer volunteering for us, her meditation and relaxation sessions for carers who were normally under a lot of stress were hugely valued by them. Tanya brought peace and calm to the carers, who loved her, and to the members of staff who normally were stressed too. I highly recommend Tanya as a trustworthy person and a real asset for any community project and organisation. She brings peace into a world where finding it is harder and harder…We will miss you. Thank you!!!

    • Thank you Maivel and all at Barnet Carer’s it’s been incredibly rewarding volunteering with yourselves and being able to possibly bring a tiny drop of relief in this fast moving word and thanks you for the lovely testimonial. I am continuing to do volunteer work each month among other things, I am at the moment focussing my time to support a budding Healing Community Project in outer London. See http://www.thehealersgrove.co.uk for details. Please note I am happy to still help out at key Carer Event days. Wishing all at Barnet Carers and those they support well and Bright Blessings! xx

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