About Tanya

Tanya is a trained Shamanic Healer and uses traditional journeying, energy management, breath techniques, and sacred ceremony; to help a person release blockages, restore personal power and energy, which may have been lost through trauma, illness, life changes or stress.  She also carries out space clearing and healing on places.

She is non-biased in her religious beliefs and therefore works without prejudice with people from all belief systems.  Shamanic Journing and energy tracking is traditional across many native and indigenous cultures. Tanya draws mostly, though not exclusively, on the way of the Tao, the I Ching and Chinese Five elements and uses these as a source for identifying and unlocking imbalances which may be occurring within a person’s life, behaviour patterns or environment and to restore balance.

Along side this Tanya has studied with Neal’s Yard, completing both; Introduction to Aromatheraphy; and Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner Course.  See https://uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/tanya

Tanya is a Crystal Therapist having worked with crystals since childhood and has since completed registered Crystal Practitioner Course with The Crystal Healer.  She has also completed her Reiki Master Training  with Nutmeg Spa and Nest in 2017.   Since first being Reiki Attuned in 2014, has integrated this wonderful and powerful healing energy with the Shamanic Healing.  In 2015 she learnt Reiki/Kotodama chanting and 2016 completed a course in Reiki Drumming with Reiki Drum .  This is a beautiful technique which combines the sound healing and journeying of the Drum with high vibration of the Reiki energy.

Previously Tanya had been for nearly 20 years either studying or working in the development industry and needed a change of direction.  She had always been passionate about reaching solutions which provided the best balance for places and people in terms of Environmental, Social and Economic needs.  However, development in itself often only scratches the surface of health and well-being on a very tangible level.  Driven by both a personal and professional need, she started to look for new solutions in complementary health for a more holistic way of living and engaging with ourselves, each other and our environment.

In need of healing herself originally consulted a Shaman and found that the healing and counsel had such a profound effect on her own health she went on to train to practice herself.  The Apprenticeship was undertaken over a period of three years, majority being experiential and practice driven and some academic study.  She studied core shamanism including Journeying, Power Retrieval, Space Clearing, and Geomancy.  The apprenticeship was also biased towards the Taoist Philosophies and Chinese Five Elements (which under pins traditional Chinese medicine), as well as the principals of Feng Shui.


“I  firmly believe that both the physical as well as the emotional and non-physical need to be supported and work in harmony for a healthy happy life.  I feel my previous academic and work background gives me a down to earth and analytical approach where needed.  However, my own experience has been that healing has more usually occurred not through analysis but rather by compassionate tracking the non-physical, emotions, and blockages and by releasing and expressing these in a safe environment and in focused way.   It has lead to a better level of personal understanding and a re-connection with mind, body and soul, which had previously been injured.  In time this has lead to an overall better well-being.”


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