Connect with your Path Naturally


Pathwayfinder was founded by Tanya Adams, who is trained in a variety of healing techniques and modalities including; Core Shamanism, Reiki, Reiki Drum Crystal Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Bach Flower Remedies.  She also studied the Chinese 5 Elements, IChing, the Celtic 4 Elements and is currently studying as an Ovate. She works with element systems for balance and harmony.  She is also a Moon Mother (Level 1) and a Red Tent Activator empowering the female sacred energies.

At the heart of Pathwayfinder is the intention to help find our way back to our natural rhythms, bringing us back into harmony with ourselves, our relationships and our environment.  From her own experience, Tanya recognises that in modern life we often get pulled away from these natural and powerful rhythms and states that are intrinsically balanced and harmonious.  By using ancient and modern healing techniques Tanya seeks to bring a person or place back into connection with their authentic balanced self.  This can, though be, a life times work.  However, working in this way can bring relief to stress, chronic conditions and aid in the healing of trauma as well as find clarity about one’s own life purpose.

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Community of trees

Community of trees

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One thought on “Connect with your Path Naturally

  1. yvonnespirit
    Comment: I had some space clearing done by Tanya a few days ago. I cannot believe the difference I am feeling in my house. When I entered my house for the first time after the clearing all I could feel was peace in my home. It felt like no-one was there. My son described it in the same way. We realise now how much negative energy and unwanted spirits were lurking in my home. Its an amazing feeling, my house feels light, energised and peaceful. I would highly recommend Tanya for her space clearing work. She is extremely sensitive and professional in the way she works. Thank you so much Tanya, you have made a real difference.

    Time: December 9, 2013 at 5:39 pm

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