Interaction of Life. Its innate randomness and ability to create change inside and out.

It is said that every person has an effect on someone else or on a course of events.  They may not even know it.  Sometimes it is these that are not deliberate often have the most wide reaching effects, where as those which are deliberate, calculated and pushed, sometimes don’t go as far as the person actually wants them to.  Just look at any campaign, deliberate campaign, how far do they really get?

The biggest changes and influences often come completely left field.  Facebook, Twitter, radio, telephone, mobile phones, printing press, cars, Beatrix Potter’s children’s books, tea, potatoes, tobacco.  The list is endless.

Summer GoddessMost people meet their partners in the most unlikely set of circumstances.  The chances of meeting the person you marry or settle down with, often requires quite a sequence of events.  Moving town, education, job or a series of links between friends and colleagues and then just the right timing to meet in a way, on a day that somehow ignites that passion or interaction that does not just fizzle into nothing but blooms at least for good while into a relationship.  Also, this is the foundation for children.  So in many ways, it adds to the impossibility of even being here.  For example for me to be here on this earth and my parents to meet and have me it took a world war!  Or rather the fact they ended up in the same country was due to the after effects of a world war.  So in that sense, never mind the probability that goes on in the conception process, it really is quite amazing I’m alive at all.  I am of course not alone in this, and no-doubt there are millions of people with even more complex stories and thereby remote and wonderful possibility of being here in the first place.

So one can’t help coming to the question, why am I here?  As in why is any one particular individual here?  Just a fluke.  A chance that mathematically shows someone has to end up here because of how the ecological, evolution process has panned out.  Is it simply a miracle?  Or is it all of these things and more?  Personally I tend to go with the last statement, it is all of the science, the evidence, the mathematical evolution process and a miracle!

Science offers us a chance to intellectually gain understanding of our surrounds and make amazing discoveries and inventions which take us to another intellectual level and different ways of living and existing.  Providing us with more choice or even simply getting us to realise we do have choice.  Often though science data seems to dull the wonder and mystery of life.  Suddenly the fact we can intellectually rationalise something, count it, measure it or predict it, it becomes every day, ordinary.   Often it even becomes something we can take for granted.  Why is this?  Then when a discovery is made it is suddenly owned by science.  It is science that owns it, found it, discovered it.  When actually what it did was measure it or alchemise it.

Surely the original wonder and mystery is still there and should not be lost in our rationalising of it.  It does not matter how well we can measure the distance from the sun to the earth or the orbit of the planets, it is simply awesome that the earth is this one planet in the middle of “bogging” nowhere, circling this enormous star called the sun, balanced by the orbit of the moon to produce a planet that has just the right proportions, size, speed, minerals to have an atmosphere, to support water which is the foundation of life.  No matter how rationally you approach this, how much scientific data one can gather, it is truly amazing!!!

sun and moonWe are off searching for another Earth or life supporting planet.  Why?  I guess we always like to have a spare and we don’t like to feel we are the only ones or alone.  It is part of the human condition.  We still have not found one.  I do sometimes wonder, that will happen if we ever do.  Will it becomes on a planetary scale what we have here on earth.  That where we are is not good enough.  Suddenly we will have to go to Planet Egon 9 Star Galaxy Zogon, to find ourselves?  At the moment, it’s contained to Australia, the Andes, climbing Mount Everest, Himalayas or Thailand.   Ok there is something about moving somewhere which is unfamiliar, new, which tests our ability to survive and adapt.  It also provides the opportunity to learn something different which can broaden our perspective on life and ourselves.  It is exciting, challenging and it helps us to grow as people.  However, there does come a point for all of us in our lives where we have to weigh up whether we are really chasing the “Dragon of our Dreams” or just chasing our tales and actually by stopping and going inward we would actually learn much more about how who we are.

Sometimes it’s actually tougher to stay put and learn from the people and the places we are already residing with.  There are issues, long standing annoyances, clashes, incompatibility.  How much better it would be without her next door or our old ex-partner hanging around? Don’t get me wrong there are definitely times when we have to say good bye to someone or draw a line under a dysfunctional relationship.  However, simply drifting onto the next or running off to Thailand to find a guru, might be part of the solution, but will certainly not be all of it.  Everything that goes “wrong” in life in some part is down to our own actions and reactions.  Taking responsibility for them and relearning new and better ways of being definitely aid to avoid going through the same patterns again and again.  A Guru in the Himalaya’s together with the thin altitude and lighter diet may well help us get a different and better perspective on all this.  However, the test really comes when you return to the ordinary every day life you’d been previously living.  Just like criminals who apparently often feel the need to  eventually to return home, most of us find ourselves at some point having to return to “make a living” or “settle down”.   That is when the real test comes of how much baggage we have shed, how much knowledge we have learnt and how we have really matured.