The Mutterings of a Mad Cow who ate no Beef

lovers0001In September 2006 I went to a 3 day meditation in Glastonbury  all about Gaia.  It was a call from the heart to reconnect at a deeper level.  What I didn’t realise at the time was that it was going to be the first time I was going journey Shamanically with the rhythm of the drum.  I also didn’t realise what awakening of the spirit it would evoke within me.  It opened me to the greatest softness and profound beauty of creation and within a few days having to face the fact that I was extremely stressed and my body was not ready or trained to receive such floods of wisdom and insight.  It opened up an illness within that needed healing.  This was the start of my Shamanic Journey.  Over the next thirteen years it was to be a rich mixture of chaos, confusion, deep beauty and healing.  The story is not over but the last thirteen years are.  Last September, (2019), I came to a watershed moment where it was clear that my consulting practice needed to close it’s gates, at least for a while.  There were many things that needed addressing at home and internally.  Before the gate shut, 13 poetic writings came together, some from events and times during the 13 years and a number which just poured out over a couple of days.

Why is 13 so important?  The biggest healing that was needed and brought through my shamanic trail was my connection to the Earth, Mother Nature and to my own femininity.  13 is a sacred number of the Divine Feminine and of course we have 13 moons every year.  So of course a number of these poetic writing are heavily influenced by her presence and are in respect of her.

So here is this small offering, enjoy.

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Most of all enjoy and  please read with a good pinch of gentle humour.

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