The Creativity of Now!

The numerological number for this year is 8, while the 9 Star Ki number is 3 and with these numbers comes a particularly strong energy for manifestation and change. That being the case, it’s actually a great time to act on your dreams and bring them into fruition, whether that is making a start on them through taking a course or working on them on a part-time basis or even commiting fully to a new line of work or way of life. I find this interesting especially as there has been in recent years so much about The power of Attraction and Mindfullness. These two things have really become very dominant throughout the world of wellbeing, personal development and now they are the buzz words even in business. However, much which is written and sold around the subject of “The power of Attraction” in the mainstream still seems very focussed on money and material possessions rather than actual personal or society growth and healing which is required for it to really be transformative. Yet whenever the question is asked of people what do you truly want to see in the world? More often than not the answers will come back of; love, kindness, healing, peace, clean and healthy environment. I witnessed this first hand just recently at a short open workshop held at “Peace in the Park”, hosted by The Brahma Kumaris World Spirtitual University

peaceIt was an open day with people from all walks of life and beliefs, thereby bringing quite a diverse audience together. The workshop subject was about “Imagining the world”, we were taken through some short and gentle writing exercises to see what would emerge from the sub-concious about the world we want to live in. It was amazing to hear how little there was about money and possessions and how much there was about simply living together and in harmony with the planet. Of course you could argue that such views are bound to be held by people who are attending such an event. However, I witnessed something very similar a few years ago at a Sustainable Building Fair and that audience was attending that event generally to seek out business ideas and opportunities. On that occasion during a session about “Sustainable Thinking” when a free thought exercise was facilitated with the audience, they were asked: What kind of qualities might a Sustainable World have? The words that stood out at that time were once again words like: kindness, acceptance, compassion, love, care, respect, harmony with nature. Sometimes this seems a very long way away from what is often witnessed in the world today through the news and the state of environmental degradation. However, as I sat the other day with this diverse group attending a short and simple workshop, it was plain to see that the capacity for just such a world exists, here and now today. It heartened me and deepened the sense that clearly each and everyone of us have the innate capacity to enable such a world if we choose to do so.

This is of course where Mindfullness and the “Power of Now”, really comes into it’s own. By centering in our trueselves and Summer Dreamingletting go of the noise of the external, we can once again connect with our own heart centered stillness and peace. Eckhart Tolle writes about this beautifully in his book “The Power of Now”. What happens though if what we see manifesting in our own lives is not what we wanted or what we thought we had intended? Well usually there’s a lesson in there, a chance to grow, or there’s something we have not let go of, or we have been asking questions which have lead us down a different path or reaffirming the very things we didn’t want. It is important when using affirmations to use positive language, what you really are requesting and letting go of language such as: not, won’t, should, could. Apparently our brains have a tendancy to skip over the “not” and go straight to issue, and thereby we often end up reaffirming the very things we would like to be free of. I have to say that this recently has got me to wonder what might happen if sayings such as “Money rules the world”, “The money talks” were dropped from our vocabluary and were rather replaced with ones such as “A little kindness costs nothing and goes a long way”, “kindess and compassion are the oil in the wheels of daily life”, “time and quality go hand in hand”, or some such affirmations that speak to your inner heart. Perhaps, give it a go, see what happens, see how it shifts priorities and the focus of things.

bluemoonFriday we welcome our Blue Moon of 2015, with it, it rides on a beautiful wave of Aquarius, Venus and Uranus energy . It is full of loving, transformative and manifesting energy. Enjoy bathing in her clear silvery light to gain inner clarity.