Oh Giraffe you Gentle Giant!

Yesterday was Earth Day in recognition of this and after the pictures that had recently been circulating on Facebook of people who had been on safari and were proudly lying next to the Giraffe they had slaughtered for “sport”, I was guided to do a Journey with Giraffe.

giraffesGiraffe actually appeared to me one night, a few weeks ago.   Their energy or medicine is one of trust and faith or long sightedness, and it was just the message and encouragement I needed that day.  So on Earth Day it was my turn to spend a bit of time with Giraffe and hear what he had to say.  For those that have journeyed with Power Animals, some of the things I was shown may not be at all surprising, however, as you will no doubt appreciate their warmth and love can be at times immeasurable.  For those that have not Journeyed, if you are warmed by what you read, perhaps it is time you considered such medicine for yourself.

So I journeyed to the lower world and Giraffe welcomed me there, so bright, so full of light, grace and poise.  I enquired  how his fellow Giraffe’s were fairing, the ones which had been slaughtered, some healing had already been given to them and they were fine, they were with spirit and all was well.  The forgiveness and love of this mighty animal washed over and through me.  The message was that it was the people who were in more need of help and healing in this instance.  Such is the world of the spirit animal who while in the physical may well be on the endangered list, knows his spirit to be true and bright.

He showed me with his long neck how they listen to the wind and the rain, to follow where the best feeding is.  To track the movements of nature to still receive their needs.  They are very choosey about what they eat and where, always following what nature is showing to them.   This morning, I read that Giraffes actually help simulate plant growth, never taking more than then need and they actually adapt their eating habits and in so doing do not cause harm to the existing species.

My intension on journeying to see Giraffe had been about what healing might be needed following the slaughter his kind had incurred.  The Giraffe I journey with has a great sense of humour and reminded me of this.  He reminded me of the need to lighten our way through life and with joy usually the way opens up or will certainly soften.  So as a result instead of offering solace and compassion as perhaps might be expected, I was invited instead to simply celebrate life with this mighty majestic animal.  So I dressed him in flowers and garlands and we had a life affirming dance.

giraffe faceBefore departing I asked once more if I could do anything for Giraffe, the answer was  simple; “ keep your humour, continue to celebrate life, respect it and learn to live WITH nature!”