Are you Joining the Party or Procrastinating?

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA As summer is upon us and after what has felt like a very steep and fast run through the spring and into the early summer, I am well ready for the natural flow, of sitting and observing the harvest ripen off as the full crescendo of summer softens. Summer holidays are of course a great opportunity to do just this.

Personally for me it will be time to take a moment to pause within and reconnect with what is going to take me forward and through the Autumn and Winter. To release anything that has not worked out so well, or to change my approach to some things, so that energy can flow more easily for me. This is with the intention that through the dark winter months there is a continued sense of nurturing, building energy to facilitate whatever needs to be done or spring forth year.


Of course for others summer is the time to really get out there and be seen and be heard, to join in the “Summer Party”! That’s great if you want to be there, but what if there is something holding you back from joining “the Summer Party”?

Recently just as I was pondering this dynamic of summer, I noticed tiny apples on our lawn (basically our neighbours had, had some necessary work done in their garden, but it had resulted in shaking some of the apples off a very large old apple tree, too soon in the growing season). Interestingly, this coincided with some conversations I had recently been having with a number of people around the subject of recognising when we are procrastinating and if we should just push on forwards. What these tiny apples got me to think about was that perhaps there is another dynamic to this subject which gets over looked in our “ever forward pushing” world and that is; what if, sometimes “The Apple” is simply not fully formed yet?KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Generally we currently seem to live in a competitive society, where bigger, faster, newer, flashier, louder gets the market, gets sold, gets the dosh, gets the kudos. Therefore we are pushed in our various ways to do just that – to deliver! To achieve. To succeed. Over the last few months I’ve found myself at a number of events or gatherings where the topic of procrastination was discussed. Apparently it’s not just about addressing our fears of doing something but it is also about us over coming our tendencies to procrastination. True – we do have to face our fears, and let them go, that’s called personal growth and procrastination can be another very subtle way of concealing our underlying fears.

Or, perhaps, what these tiny apples seemed to be getting me to question is; is procrastination actually a way or process in which we are actually facing our fears, so as to come to terms with them and finally release them. What if procrastination is actually, for many, the time “The Apple” needs on the branch to grow?

The definition of procrastinate is “to postpone action, to be dilatory”. Dilatory is “slow in doing something, not prompt. Designed to cause delay.”

So if you find you are deemed to be “procrastinating”; of course the obvious question to ask is “Why?”. “Why am I delaying a, b, or c?”. Treat the answers with kindness and compassion and watch them melt away, until you are left with the ones that are justified to still stand in the way. If they are there for sound and good reasons, don’t give up, just listen to the lessons within the answers. Be assured this is simply about letting your “Apple” grow on the branch. As, with some understanding, in time these too will melt away. After all if fruit are shaken or are picked too soon, you’ll never get to enjoy the full fruitiness of the fruit, be assured it will let you know when it is ready. If you doubt this, just remember our friend, Sir Isaac Newton.