Happy Earth Day



A few days ago I was greeted by a couple of these lovely birds on my short walk to town through the fields.  I have to admit to not having anything near a good bird spotting knowledge, so finally today I got to looking up what they might have been.  Yes – doh! They were Goldfinches.  A lovely spritely pair of Goldfinches making their nest for the summer.

In my search Chicago Radio http://blogs.wfmt.com/offmic/


used this little fella to symbolize the music choice of the day reminding us it was Earth Day and linking it to classical music of the past:

“One only has to hear Vivaldi’s Goldfinch Concerto from 1728, or selections from John Dowland’s 16th century songbooks to know that the celebration of nature is nothing new; of course it has been central to peoples throughout the world for thousands of years. Perhaps Earth Day is best described as a return to contemplating nature.”

I also decided to have a look into what they might symbolize in power animal or totem animal terms and came across this:


It may be time to bring some attention to yourself. Make yourself available to others today. They need your wisdom!

If Goldfinch has flown across your path;

It is a sure sign of exuberance, liveliness and enthusiasm in your current world. They are here to remind you to enjoy life and savor each moment for the joy that is in it. Perhaps its simply time to celebrate who you are, your accomplishments or just for the sheer fun of it. You are reminded that life is for living – and that each moment you waste on  sending forth negative emotions such as fear, hatred and anger are moments that are forever lost. Find joy in the now.”  http://spirit-animals.com/goldfinch/

This all seemed a very timely reminder, given the fact today is Earth Day, and at the core of the movement is the call back to living with the earth instead just off it; a need to reduce pollution; listen to the earth and really taking joy in the wonders of the natural world, which provides so much diversity.  Recognising that it provides everything, from what we eat, our clothes to our shelter and even the materials for our technology.  Sometimes at what cost too!

So how does this link with Goldfinch?  Well living from a place of joy and thankfulness rather than a place of greed or anger; changes how we are towards ourselves, our neighbours and our environment.  We can make different choices that bring more joy than destruction it can surely only be a good thing.

So to the words of one far wiser than me: