Betrayal and Healing

Cut down in the Prime.
   Accidental, inadvertant, innocence taken,
   So foregivable, so understandable, so inexplicable.
   Deep shame and years of known and unknown pain
   Giving birth to great strain, so to be releaseable.
   Gone, it matters no more, wounds heal, lessons gain.
   Space to trust that once was a given.
Healing Affirmations:
“I am Good, I am Safe”  Barbara Brennan
“I forgive, accept and trust myself” Doreen Virtue
To Bloom once again

Divine Water – Dedicated to Water Ceremony Day 15th March 2014

Divine Water

Divine Water, life giver;

You wash us, cleanse us, hydrate us and are a part of our bodies;

You are on Earth a life giver;

Though water is everywhere it is sacred for all on Earth;


Be Clean.  Be Bright. Be Love.  Be Light.


Next time you reach for water give thanks;

Next time you wash something away, think what it is and where it goes.


Keep Chemicals Low and To Fracking Say NO!

Swan Grace on Water