The 2013 Yin Coffee Break Season – An Exploration into Pause and Being…..

We’ve just come to the end of the first Yin Coffee Break season, a set of coffee break sessions all based on the theme of taking a break, the need for pause, breath in life, and how this can bring about creativity and change in us all.

Why stop there?  After a pause there’s every chance there may be more.  So if you would like the idea of actually pausing to create and be productive, read on!  The concept is to provide a space where people can come together, take time to pause and learn techniques to enable them to pause in their own lives.  To share experiences with others in a safe and welcoming environment.  Each session would have a set location, a time and theme and beyond that the structure would evolve with the participants.  A loose but slightly organised coming together of folk.  A drop of Yang in the Yin.  Most importantly providing some Yin Space in what can sometimes be a very Yang modern  world.

So what did we “do” in all this “be” space?

Tony Kearney, speaker, workshop facilitator and author of “Who owns the Future”; “Boo” and “Tao of Awe” got season rolling in first session of in January with an interesting discussion on the importance of enjoying Yin but also don’t forget Yang.  All under the title “A different Agenda for Gender” which lead neatly to the whole dynamic of what lies between these two opposites of not just Male and Female but also doing and being.  What emerged was a third vector drawing a triangle, a Triangle of change.  Or rearranged also spells Relating.

This lead us on to a wide variety experiential exercises including drawing, meditation and walking; all around the theme of creativity, through the following sessions.  All designed to tap into our own creativity, understanding the dynamic energy of creativity both organically and in the technological world.  By starting to recognise our own potential, the latent potential in the pause or the “Black Hole” and how this creative potential is echoed through nature, the Yin Group provided space for a new look at the world around us and how pausing within it can bring opportunity for  new insight and creative inspiration.  This took us deep into the woods and the myths, medicine and meditation that surround these ancient natural environments.

Finally we came back to where we started, the triangle.  One of our participants, Clay Artist Sarah Core, immediately was struck by how through working clay and the firing process a basic triangle is used to support items in the kiln.  This is a key part of the process to transform items from wet mouldable clay to useful containers and objects we use on an every day basis.  We were invited to experience this transformative process for ourselves and as a result found we were granted a “Hands on” chance to see what really comes out of us when we allow ourselves to just play.  We were all set the challenge of 30 items in 30 minutes.  Most having never used this ancient and modern material or at best had only a fleeting school memory of having attempted a wonky pot.  What we found, although a perhaps daunting task, set in this relaxed format, was that each of us had an unexpected story unfold from us through the clay objects that emerged.  Finally we reformed these individual creations into a fusion of themed plates.  Below is the story board, sadly the photos perhaps don’t do full justice to the variety of shapes and themes, they will be on display at a community workshop soon.  For more information on Sarah’s work check

It should also be noted, that if this is not enough creativity for one group, who were just pausing for breath, but while this was season was progressing another participant was busy writing and is close to publishing her third book “Feng on a Shui String” it promises to be a comedic tale from the hand of Shani Solomon.