A Sun and Moon Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice!

Officially it started last night around 11pm, here we are enjoying the longest day and this time it is a true mixture of sunshine, showers and sultry warmth.  Have I moved to the tropics, no but there is something very tropical about the air today.

The word Solstice actually means the day the sun stays still.  Or sun standing.  Or so some have interpreted it.  It does mark the pause in the solar cycle.  However, this year once again there is a full moon close on the coat tails of the sun.  Full moon being on Sunday (rising 1100 GMT).  This brings about a wonderful reflective quality to this year’s Summer Solstice.  This brings in a lovely energy of silver light which is one of the most cleansing and restorative light vibrations.

So it’s an invitation this year to not just party and enjoy the long day with all that “Yang” energy, but also allow for some restorative time.  A great time to reflect on what’s new and changing for you and what needs to be welcomed into your life.

With all this opening and shifting it’s also a great time to be with those who are “on the same page as you” and stay grounded in your reflections.  Good time to snuggle in with your loved one(s)!

sun and moon