Opening to Renewal

So we’ve had the coldest March since the 1960’s and we are all waiting for spring to start.  Of course in many ways it already has, the trees are budding, although the cold has slowed it right down, the clocks have changed and the days are now longer at least a little then the night.

In spring we feel the stirrings of new and awaited renewal of energy.  A huge surge as the day warms and the plants start to grow.  Even in a year such as this, we know it’s due and await it every year.  There is a sense of energy rising.

Nature teaches us constantly about the cycle of life, yet often as humans, we seem to think and much of the time run our lives on a linear basis, using an A to B approach.  This seems to be further demonstrated through our consumerism.  Buy-it, Consume-it, Throw it away.

Of course there’s a huge question about where “it” comes from and where “it goes”.  I suppose in some ways like us – where do we come from and where do we go?  Depending on your belief system and your own inner peace, this can be a daunting prospect, so no wonder we prefer to “buy-it”, “consume-it”, “throw it away” or rather, born, live as much as possible without consequences and  erm?

It does beg the question, particularly when looking at indigenous belief systems and ways of living, those closer to nature that perhaps if as a society, we once again worked more with the whole cycle of nature, in everything we did, rather than fight it, concur it or ignore it, we would find something very reassuring in the whole process rather than haunted by some scary or finite end point.  It’s been found in many cases that living more with nature or having an appreciation of cycles, often leads to more peace in ourselves and on a wider scale could translate into less pollution and destruction of the environment.

Recently I discovered that the word April actually is the Latin word for opening.  Which makes a lot of sense, as energy is rising and the spring cycle brings the opening up of life.   Although as a society our activities are no longer dictated so much by the seasons, still outdoor activities become more appealing, rising in the morning is not so difficult.

It’s a great time to open ourselves to the possibility of being more in touch with nature and it’s cycles and what it can teach us and be aware of what we use and how we use it, where it comes from and where it ends up.  In Chinese elements it’s the time of Wood, so a good place to start to observe this natural cycle are trees.   “From tiny acorns to might oaks, as the saying goes”.  Oaks are perhaps the most obvious example from a tiny acorn to in their adult stage supporting whole eco systems, or as wood being used for beams in houses and at one time to build ships,  to finally rotting wood that still is useful for either heating or homes for important insects and animals.

To open up to these concepts, can be a gradual process and as I heard in a talk recently, opening up to things can take a while, after all if we may have shut ourselves off for a long time there are a lot of “bricks to the wall”, so be patient with the process , nature and yourself.  But what better time then April to start to open up!

Shamanic Healing, often facilitates an opening to the rhythms and cycles of nature to live in better harmony and personal peace.  As a result it also aids transition between endings and renewals or new beginnings.