The Physical, Spiritual and Personal of Places

A Cottage in the Cotswolds

Here I sit in early July, in a cottage in an ancient Cotswolds town, stone cottage built in 1855 as a labour’s cottage.  The town made rich for many hundreds of years on the wool trade, until the late 18th Century and still today from this cottage, below the small terraced garden, sheep graze on the flood plain below.  Just occasionally for one fleeting minute, cars, iPhones, computers, television and mass consumption does not exist.  Just the baa’ing of the lambs below the shaggy oak tree next to the nettle and wild flower infested river bank.  To my left is the stone bridge and to my right the ford.  It that a hay cart I see, no a trailer of some kind pulled by tractor over the bridge and the low rumble of a Land Rover through the ford.

This beautiful old cottage that looks like not much needs doing for rental until I started to peel away the rugs and found the carpets were badly stained so that the professional cleaners said they were beyond repair and the boiler didn’t work for the first 5 days we were here until the Gas Man could replace the pump.  The electricians have found potential fire issues and the damp man has found that the whole back wall needs lining and re-plastering.  Still I have got the log burner going and it is a great comfort as the rain pours down outside with our drought of a summer.

At then of the first week of work here, I undertook a space clearing on the place, once all the main physical things that needed clearing and cleaning out were done.  Not essential before a space clearing but just felt right this time.  I’ve now become more aware of the elements that drive this cottage.  It is a truly beautiful and alchemic place.  I hope that it also proves to be the country retreat that so many crave and need in our busy bustling lives.

It faces south with a bright vista over the green fields and river, backing north into the hillside.  As soon as we started to bring plates and a few things to camp out in the cottage and start to get it into a furnished and comfortable state I realised there seem to be a theme developing between the colours of red and blue.  The whole place decked out in cream (no-doubt was given a grander name then pale cream, like morning butter rose), wooden beams, red accessories including a red log burner and then we came with our blue tea set.  Then there is one remaining rug, blue with circles and the main bedroom with purple.  As I was so recently reminded, red and blue together of course make purple.  So here is this lovely place facing south = fire, backing into mother earth on her northern side, with some damp water issues and blue accessories = water.  The stone of earth, white of metal and wood of floors and beams, surrounded by green country side.  It’s certainly faced mainly elements in its time and stayed firm.  Most of all the theme of fire and water seems to ring out with this place, which those familiar with elemental work; it is the stuff of alchemy.  It’s a blessed place, which I discovered also sits on a major ley-line through the town.  More work on this is needed to really establish the alignment, but from dousing within the place and later some brief map dousing it would suggest that this is the case, running from Wales in the west, skirting Avebury and on towards London and possibly heading into the sea near Hastings on the South-East Coast.  Could it be?  More work is needed first to be sure of its true pathway and places along it.  It rings with Mary & Mary Madeleine feminine energy which is so beautiful and no doubt a blessing for this place which is beginning to feel more and more like a great retreat space.

A place like this, brings in the need for  complementary physical  treatment, compassionate elemental understanding as well as always presenting a personal journey in getting to know it and work with it and not against it.

Tanya Adams is a Shamanic Practitioner who works with traditional shamanic techniques of Journey and Soul Retrieval Healing.  She also has a huge interest in the natural environment and how we may live sustainably, in harmony.  Having previously worked as a Town and Transport Planner also seeks practical as well as spiritual answers to the very current needs of living lighter and more balanced.  For place and personal consultations contact Tanya by email